The main living room

This is the room in the house that I find most difficult to furnish. Because of its shape and i huge stairway I find i hard to set the tone for the room.

Vårt nye hjemThis is how it looks now, with the old owners furniture. One things for sure: a black sofa is not a our shopping list. The room is so light and airy that I find it silly to drag it down with some heavy furniture’s. That being said: J-man managed to buy himself a black sofa right before we meet. And since its no where near being worn out I am starting to realize that I am going to be stuck with it for quite some time. Oh, well. Better make the most of it. And the silver lining is that it looks no where near as bad as the ones in the picture above.

I want to create a space that can seat many people, and serve as a mulitifunctional room when we need it. These book casings from IKEA is ideal for my vision in this room. Light and bright and holds a lot of storage. kontrast3

(The picture is borrowed from another blog) 

Tonight me and J-man had a tough negotiation over our budget for our big IKEA-trip. I am glad to say that I won! And with our budget I am positive that we will make the new house a home. We are not filling it up with to many items. But just the ones we know we need for storage (and a tiny pit more) and normal living (like a dining table and a sofa).


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