New isn’t always better

_EAI4044Barney Stimson (yes, I am referencing How I meet your mother) is wrong: New isn’t always better. Walking by a secondhand store one day, it found me. And yes (again) you read correct, it found me, not the other way around. These types of stores tends to be a tad to crowded for my taste. But something about this dresser just made me go in to have a look. Long story short, it got to come home with me.

As we are living in a brand new apartment i feel it is important to add a hint of soul in to the place, and this furniture piece was exactly what I was missing (without even knowing it). And the best thing of all – it costed me next to nothing! That is what I call a “win-win-win” situation!

Along with my flee-marked scored, five armed, brass candle holder, and a painting I painted my self a few years ago it really is the centerpiece in our little flat. The little mat-grey wall really draws your eye towards it. Personally this is my favorite interior moment in our current home.

Have you scored a secondhand item? How do you dress it?


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