In my new kitchen…

Last night I could not sleep. I was just to pumped. Spending over 2 hours looking for inspiration right before bedtime was a bad idea. The good thing is that the house is slowly starting to form itself in my head.sommerstue_130704-_DSC7720

This picture is my big inspiration for one of many projects we are going to tackle this autumn. One thing I know I have to make very soon after we move in to our new home is a kitchen-bench with storage and a bunch of fluffy colorful pillows on top of it. I even know what fabrics we are going to use for the pillow casings. The fabric is already on its way to us, thanks to Ebay.$T2eC16FHJHwFG1l7Qr7GBR1JVsVkbQ~~60_12

This will give me 4 colorful and awesome pillows. Pared with some crocheted white pillowcases this will make the kitchen bench a natural gathering point in the kitchen.  And, it only costed me GBP 17, with shipping. That is what I will call a good bargain!

I want the kitchen in our new home to be colorful and a happy place to be. We are lucky, and have 2 big living rooms that is connected to the kitchen as well. 1 will be more like a dark cave, where you can relax and watch a good move on stormy nights, the other a bright and open living area where all our friends and family  can enjoy themselves.


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