Found me a treasure for free!

This post is about another one of my secondhand scores. One beautiful Saturday morning not to long ago, me and J-man where walking around in the neighborhood. There just so happens to be a  very small secondhand store in this area. So we went in, to have a look.


And way in the back where an old chair, that nobody wanted. It was tagged “free”, and therefore we decided that it was going home with us. Normally I don’t like to buy furniture without having a place and a purpose for it. But this seemed like one of those “meant-to-be” moments, and I couldn’t let it go. The fabric is tired and outdated. But I threw on a homemade crochet blanked, and it was transformed in to a beautiful peace of furniture.

So without spending a dime (not even gas-money) we got our self a new “family member”, that hopefully will be a part of our home for many years to come. As a footstool we are using an old wooden box that my in-laws gave us.  I think the two items matches each other perfectly.

Now it is my favorite place to read and to snuggle up in, when the unstable Norwegian weather takes a told for the worse. The only problem is that J-man also find this chair to be his favorite place. Its a good thing we are moving in to a bigger house soon. Then one of my first priorities is to create the perfect snuggle-place for two 😉


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